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APRIL 2005

April 25, 2005

All the money in the world would not make up for the simple fact that I'm in love with life... the ups, the downs, the whole roller coaster of adventure. I embrace it all, the sorrow no less than the ecstacies. And I can't help but come to the obvious conclusion that I must be, in some way, insane. There is simply no other explanation than to state plainly that the love of two objects or phenomena reflecting absolute opposites must conclusively adhere to the fact that the lover is indeed in a state of total confusion. And I admit that even in that fact, I smile with glee.

But I have to wonder -- is insanity determined by disfunction, or by the need to establish norms according to what the world expects?

I sometimes wonder that if life did not present so many ups and downs, would I have learned anything at all about it? Is maturity possible without the experience of living within that great gap between the highs and the lows? Would we truly understand just how higher and deeper and longer and wider the love of God really is unless at some point in time we have made the attempt to touch down into those far and hidden extremes where our life journey takes us?