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June 13 , 2005

Here in North America, I am realizing more and more the rampant sin of slothfulness. It's so easy to just kick back, and opt for sleep over duty. The daily battle to be purposeful rather than lazy is unfortunately lost on a daily basis. And I cringe at the amount of time I have past simply because I chose nothing over something.

The opposite of slothfulness is not busyness, nor is it activity -- it is courage. It is not enough to be actively doing something all the time. Just like sleeping away our troubled minds, we can easily escape what we do not want to face simply by making ourselves somehow unavailable to do them. Rather, I need to stand up and do something heroic. In the face of possible defeat and fear of shame, I need to rise and boldly act according to who I really am and what lot in life I have been given. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the pain of responsibility to go away, I need to start listening to it. It is there to remind me that I am not put on this earth simply to live, but to live for something.

God, grant courage.