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Saw this article today on the front page of The Record, my local community newspaper.

I just watched Jamie Oliver's new show, Jamie's School Dinners, and although
it's a lot more crass than I expected, I applaud his efforts.
I have been convinced now for quite some time that
a large part of the problem of learning in today's society
really comes from the problem of bad eating habits.
High-fat food affect our moods, our attention spans,
and our tolerance levels to stress.
And I'm not just talking about kids. I'm talking about full-grown adults
who I feel have lost the art of life-long learning.

I'm very curious to see in this new show what a difference the food will make for the kids -
- and make no mistake, it WILL make a difference.
Jamie'll just have to find a way of making them eat the food!

Which makes me wonder what these kids are eating at home
that would make a simple vegetable so repulsive...