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#145-7155 Kingsway
Burnaby, B.C.
(604) 540-7111

OK, so you're probably thinking "What in the world is a Denny's-like family
restaurant doing on your favorite list?"
But I'm serious. It's family friendly, but the food is surprisingly good.

Right now, I'm systematically going through their menu to try their main dishes,
and so far, so good.

And to add to it, it's a Fatport Hotspot for wireless internet access.
I'm getting a LOT of studying done there these days!

I think there's something about the way they do their chicken... always comes out perfect.



Actually haven't tried any yet... but try the chicken fingers (see entrees)


Chicken Fingers and Fries
(Seriously the best around... and I've tried lots of places!
You can get it in two sizes... and the smaller one is huge enough!)

Orange Chicken Rice Bowl
(veggies and chicken are cooked perfectly. Very fresh tasting!)

Steak and Eggs Breakfast
OK, I never eat steak for breakfast.
But I couldn't get over how good their steak is.


I did try the Chimicheesecake - wrapped up apple and cheese goo.
Creative, but not too impressive.